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Water conditioning technology

eZiflo Water Enhancers use a process called water conditioning that changes the characteristics of water without altering the chemical composition. It is a method of altering minerals and removing chemicals from water. Water conditioning treats hardness in water to prevent a build-up of lime scale.

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Our Products

  • eZiflo enhancer is made from Stainless steel 316 grade

  • Electrical/Solar booster box

  • Non-corrosive material alloy construction, with no moving parts

  • No chemicals or softener resins or membranes

  • Particle size reduction test report from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

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About us

We are a team of technocrats, water treatment experts and agriculture scientists

working in a mission driven start-up company guided by a sense of enterprise and innovation.

We develop innovative point of entry water treatment technologies, hardware products

and services for the domestic, industrial and agriculture sector.

Our products are designed to be 100% environment friendly,

chemical free, powered by solar energy with zero water wastage

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Our Mission

To provide our customers with safe, clean, affordable, sustainable water solutions
through innovative products backed by research.

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eZiflo Water Enhancers significantly improve the quality of hard and saline water.

This system doesn’t remove any minerals or important nutrients, but only changes the composition of water that makes it hard in the first place.

eZiflo Water Enhancers have a wide array of applications.

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Domestic Applications

Improve drinking and bathing water quality.
And protect your home's internal plumbing

from scale buildup.

Hotel & Clubhouse Applications

Improve water purification to have cleaner pools
and lush green lawns.

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agricultural use.jpg

Agricultural applications

Increase productivity of farms and irrigation water
to cultivate fuller, healthier produce.

Industrial Applications

Varied industrial applications for better
production output and energy-saving solutions.

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Technology application in Agriculture

eZiflo enhancer technology breaks the bonds between salt molecules and reduces their particle size while retaining the nutrient minerals.
These micronized form of salt molecules can now enter the root system of the plants and provide the nutrients required for its growth.

Increases water infiltration, reduces soil salinity and improves soil fertility

The conditioned water improves soil texture (which was hardened by salts) as the soil becomes more permeable. It is also able to retain its moisture content for longer periods. Due to the increased conditioned water infiltration and breaking of the salt bonds helping in reducing the soil salinity and making the soil more fertile year after year.

Improves plant growth, quality and increases yield

Salts which previously accumulated around root system clogging it pores weaken the crop and overall yield. But with eZiflo enhancer the water permeability improves, helping to carry all the macro and micro nutrients to the roots and unclogs these pores on the roots for better absorption and assimilation. And thereby improving the quality and quantity of the yield.

Increases water retention and improves the water table

Breaking the bond between the salt and the soil molecule, we drastically reduce the salinity of the soil. As a result, conditioned water is absorbed more rapidly into the ground, it reduces evaporation and infiltrates better into the soil increasing the water table level year on year.

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Technology Impact


•Improves Soil salinitization
•Increases Yield
•Improves plant growth
•Improves quality of crop, fruit vegetables
•Improves soil fertility and soil permeability


•Improves quality of water
•Reduces water consumption
•Increases water infiltration
•Improves water table
•Reduces evaporation
•Improves the quality of water storages tanks & ponds


•Reduces chemical fertilizers
•Reduces Methane production and nitrous oxide
•Increases soil microbes and mineral absorption
•Enhances Soil Carbon sequestration  
•Improve green coverage and help micro climatic conditions in the area and region


•Increase in yield per acre
•Improves quality of crop
•Increases intercropping
•Increase in farm incomes
•Increase in disposable income- >self sufficiency
•Improve health & sanitation through safe, clean drinking water by combining UF water treatment to our system

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